• Mark Curtis

ZANANEWS – students online journal, Italy

Submission by Sona


Fondazione Istituto Morcelliano


Brescia Italy

Type: Prevention

Focus: Engagement

Duration: Longer

We wanted to create a digital school newspaper to  ️make creativity grow and allow our students to become aware of the activities of the others. Being a big school of 9 headquarters in even different places in Brescia district, this journal helps our student to know what achievements are getting their peer in other sectors of the school.

This online journal allows students to experiment and put the best efforts by giving themselves specific tasks and give voice to their experiences. We believe it will help to create a stronger students’ community.

A new activity meant to bring the communication and discussion between students and teachers even more closer and expose the point of view of the students in telling their experiences in the school.

This is an online journal, which is being published once in a month. Students are directly in charge of writing the articles, videos, publishing pictures.

Because CFP G. Zanardelli has so many interesting things to tell and wants to do it also through the voice of its students!


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