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Swapping Names, Portugal

Updated: May 9, 2019

Submission by Claire Binyon

Organisation: ESMAE


Type: Prevention

Focus: Engagement

Duration: 10 Minutes

This is one of a series of name games that can be used to break the ice and learn some names if a group don't know each other very well.

it promotes attention, focus and allows for having fun while remaining within the aim of the exercise.

the laughter allows us to be comfortable with the error.

also to start to pay attention to the body reaction


Get into a circle and promote a neutral position (be ready )

hug someone you don't know who becomes your partner A & B

change names A becomes B and B becomes A

one person C is on their own - could be the leader - but they call for the company of another...they call out a name e.g. B and B has to try to get to C before A catches him/her. if they manage to get there the next person to call is A as they are on their own.


  • listening and remembering each others names

  • promoting the reduction of barriers, through contact and fun

  • amplitude and speed of reaction

  • playing games as part of the learning process

we tried this game in the first meeting of 2 different groups with different ages and experiences.

the partners were one from each group

after the game they were more able to talk to each other and ask questions in an open way.

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