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Sociopoly, Ariadne, Hungary

Updated: Apr 15, 2019

Submission by: Gyöngyvér Orsovszky

Organisation: Ariadne Cultural Foundation

Title: Sociopoly

Type: prevention, intervention

Focus: Engagement, collaboration

Duration: 120 minutes


- realizing stereotypical patterns in thinking and approaching

- develop understanding

- increasing empathy, tolerance and responsible

- enable the engagement

In this game everybody can try how they can make ends meet, only with family support, maternity benefit, and casual work. People are divided into four groups. During the game each group is playing the role of a family.

Each family gets its low starting income as an addition to their 5,000 HUF amount saved from the previous month. The families' task is very easy - try to finance the standard living conditions from the low incomes, during problematic times.

This game is based on real life situations. It was made by a researcher group, that is looking for the reasons of poverty. In Hungary about 4 million people live in poverty. (Just an additional fact is that the population of the country is about 9.5 million.) By this game they are trying to prevent poverty and also to find a possible solution for it.

On the game board there are 31 fields, each of them marks a day of a given month. Each field has a special sign that shows us dates, events, certain expenses. Poor families are forced to choose the usurer loans sometimes, someone gets public work on harsh conditions, others are forced to steal while the advantaged enjoy their lives.

Discussion follows the practise.

During the game the participants experienced the limitations of the family living in poverty.

Some got frustrated and could realize the unfair fact of living in the periphery of the society.

Some participant said it was shocking to experience that they could not help on their situation.

A deeper understanding arises among the members toward those roma and poor families who they are work with.

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