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School Visit in Festival Esmae, Portugal

During the 2 week 25 years celebration of Theatre in ESMAE, as part of Festival ESMAE 2019, we received 2 groups of young people into the school to show them our reality and let them experience how it is to study theatre at our school.

They had experiences in the theatre space, the lighting/sound, scenography and costume departments and also participated in a workshop with the acting students.

The first group made pairs with the students in a movement class and worked on listening, communication and reaction through moving and the second group worked on an acting game which had the same themes but achieved in a different way. In both sessions the young people had a chance to talk to each other about acting and theatre.

This experience was very rich for all the participants, our students understanding another point of view and the visitors had a glimpse into the world of the theatre school. We hope to develop and further this kind of activity in the future.

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