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Ponte di Legno - Teachers' training

Fondazione Istituto Morclliano together with the associated partner CFP after G. Zanardelli have implemented different activities on local territory in terms of Erasmus plus KA2 project –‘’Transferring Innovative Practices in 2nd chance education addressing ELET”. The organisations were involved in the hospitality of second teachers’ training course in Italy, which took place in Ponte di Legno from 14 to 19 October 2018.

By that time a group of teachers, educators and deans have experimented different subjects and activities related to ELET prevention.

According to the new learning methods, or teachers have implemented some local activities, targeting youngsters from 14 to 18 years.

After the second teacher’s training and the multiplier’s event, which took place in Brescia on 19th of October, the Partner organisation Istituto Morcelliano and the associated partner Cfp Zanardelli, together with the Tip partners have presented the results and the outcomes of the last activities.

After which, each partner organisation took the chance to implement and use the new practices learnt from the project in their local realities. In the photos you can see some essential moments of the traning related to the activities based on sensorial labyrinth methodology.

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