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Picture this, Ariadne, Hungary

Updated: Apr 15, 2019

Vermeer retold

Submission by: Gyöngyvér Orsovszky

Organisation: Ariadne Cultural

Title: Living paintings

Type: intervention

Focus: non-verbal communication, creativity, collaboration, engagement

Duration: 45 minutes


- increase collaborating each other

- revive creativity

- enable the engagement

- non-verbal self-expression

In small groups of five they get a famous painting. First each group presents the picture without movement but imitating exactly what they saw on it. Next they have to behave similarly to the people on the painting by movements, with gestures and mimics, and after a clap they stop moving and we can watch and analyse the frozen picture. One group acts at a time, the others are observing. After playing we discuss in the whole group what we have seen and experienced.

This game helps to get reflections on one another and get new information about how much people can express themselves, their feeling, mood, thought.

Usually it is an enjoyable and community building game for the players.

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