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Ninja Game, Portugal

Updated: May 9, 2019

Submission by André Eiras

Organisation: AE2O - Second Chance School Matosinhos


Type: Compensation

Focus: Engagement

Duration: 10 Minutes

Ninja Game is a group dynamic that you can easily apply with your target group.

This game works well in small groups (10 persons), but you can adjust the game to fit your necessities by diving a bigger group into several.

The activity functions as an opening or closing for any session you are creating. It develops the focus of the participants and helps them to engage and connect with each other.


1 - Gather the group in a circle, the closest possible;

2 - After this, count till three and then, everyone screams “Ninja”;

3 - When you hear this word, everyone jumps back and stands in a Ninja position (this position is

up to everyone in the group. No rules!);

4 - The aim is to eliminate the other opponents by hitting their hands (only the hands count!);

Each person is allowed to do one movement and after, the next one plays. (The order can go

from right to left or from left to right. You decide!);

5 - When your hand is touched, it means you lost that hand and you have to put it behind your

back. From now on, you only have one hand to play;

6 - When your second hand gets hit, you are out;

7 - The winner is the one that gets to the end of the game with, at least, one hand untouched.


This game increases the focus of the group, preparing them to engage in the activity.

It also works as a relaxation moment, to release the stress and to finish in a good and happy mood.

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