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The Singing Circle, Italy.

Updated: Apr 26, 2019

Submission by Laura Saviori


Fondazione Istituto Morcelliano


Brescia Italy

Type: Prevention

Focus: Collaboration

Duration: 1 hour

Team building, confidence, attention span are some of the most difficult aims for a teacher, specially if the students are teenagers.

Usually teenagers fear their classmates judgement and refused to express their ideas or to aswer teacher's questions.

The Singing Circle is a little funny exercize who helps the teacher to create a relaxed and emphatic atmosphere in the class. It improves confidence, collaboration and listening.

- Let the students make a circle.

- Use an easy funny song with three or four verses.

- Sing the whole song alltogether for twice or three times (teacher and students)

- Split the students up into little groups (three or four people)

- Start to sing the song in different time (1st group starts to sing and when the verse is finishing the 2nd group starts and so on).

- The exercize ends when the last group finishes to sing the last verse.

Every time I used this practice all the students said:

- They enjoyed and felt relaxed;

- they trusted the teacher,

- they were willing to listen to others.

- they were able to cooperate and to work together.

- They have no fear of judgement.

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