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heartbeat, Ariadne, Hungary

Updated: Apr 15, 2019

Heart, by Jim Dine.

Submission by: Gyöngyvér Orsovszky

Organisation: Ariadne Cultural

Title: Sounds of the heartbeats

Type: intervention

Focus: sensitizing, sensory awareness

Duration: 30 minutes

This exercise is done in a group. We examine the pulse of the heartbeat and in the same rhythm we make some noise with our hands, feet or mouth. Preferably it is advised to do this exercise in group where the members know each other because there is a certain level of intimacy involved by doing as instructed.

First everybody puts their fingers on their wrist to feel the rhythm of the pulse. As we start to feel the rhythm we make some noise following our rhythm. The next step of the exercise is done in pairs. We put our fingers to our partners wrist and we make some kind of noise following the rhythm of the partner's pulse. The next stage is to form a circle where everybody is connected to the group having our finger on the wrist of the person next to us.

This exercise is to learn how to pay attention to the other and to feel and express the rhythm what we feel. As a group dynamic it is interesting to realise that first every persons rhythm is different but by proceeding with the exercise people start to have similar rhythms which implies that the heartbeat of the people in the group start to  harmonize with each other.

Discussion follows the practice.

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