• Mark Curtis

Everyday People, UK

Submission by Mark Curtis

Organisation: boomsatsuma

Bristol, UK

Type: Compensation

Focus: Engagement

Duration: Longer

Everyday people is a contributory film project challenging students to to look at the everyday as a source for celebration. Stimulated by the work of Frencer street artist JR and the notion that Hearos are not where we expect them to be.

The drive of the project was and is to build a sense of everybody being able to contribute positive stories from people in their own lives.

( inspirational content on youtube )

For this project you will need to produce a five minute short cinematic documentary film, exploring the lives of everyday people. Your aim it to provide an insight into the life of an individual or group of people, with emphasis on positive or inspiring characters.

As your documentary is five minutes, you will want to keep it interesting with effective storytelling. Spend time planning the structure of your film, using tone to enhance and convey meaning.


We use this as part of a media qualification and the evidence produced covers trhe following areas.

  • Treatment or concept

  • Storyboard

  • Recce of photoshoot location

  • Risk assessment

  • Production schedule

  • Legal & ethical considerations

  • Relevant certification and/or scheduling

  • Produce original production materials (film) for a five minute short cinematic documentary film while also using appropriate equipment, following script/storyboard and utilising safe working practices

  • Edit production materials by adding audio, as well as using visual effects and transitions to produce an original audio-visual promo

  • Produce and review offline edit

  • Evaluate finished documentary film


We found the outcomes to be strong but more than that the focus on the real and everyday proved to be a powerful engagement tool. This was the feedback from our education partner.

‘The work of Boomsatsuma has been extremely effective in harnessing the power of arts and media to channel talents and raise self-esteem with a range of students in the Cabot Learning Federation, in particular some of our most vulnerable.
Students have been exposed to and found in themselves a range of expression, thanks to the engaging activities, strong relationships and technical expertise, which have been hallmarks of the work of the Boomsatsuma team. In some cases, confidence and engagement in learning generally has been transformed due the involvement of students in Boomsatsuma programmes, which have created a lasting legacy.’

Steve Taylor Executive Principal

Cabot Learning Federation

Case study

Heena was a young woman who came to the project without high level communication skills and limited support from her family who felt that education was not for her and that she should return to Pakistan and start a family.

This project was a stimulus for engagement that not only built confidence but also directly involved the family in telling their story through the Narrative of the father.

Henna went on within two years to repsent Bristol in Coppebnghagen at the european green parliament.

She is now at university in Bristol studying Media and journalism and has decided with the support of her family that maybe education is for young ahian women too.

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