• Mark Curtis

"Eclectic Sessions" Music Video Collaboration. UK

Updated: Jul 12, 2019

Submission by Mark Curtis

Organisation: boomsatsuma, Bristol, UK

Type: Prevention

Focus: Engagement

Duration: Longer

Working with Local Local specialist music colleges and universities boomsatsuma engaged young people from a broad social demographic to film and edit Music videos of acoustic sessions by unsigned bands and artist.

The Outcomes were reciprocal with students engaged in practical creative production and also gaining an insight into specialist and engaging career or training opportunity. The musicians also benefit from free promotional material with high production values. Eclectic Locations were deliberately selected to make the proposition for engagement even more attractive, featured here are outcome examples that include filming on the roof of landmark buildings, In a vintage public toilet, and in the old prison cells.

The more obscure the artists and quirky the performances the deeper the engagement of the young people. Especially challenging the early notions of not my favourite style etc.

This is strong work that has become an annual event rotating through a variety of partner institutions.

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