• Mark Curtis

Boomsatsuma team met in a workshop to discuss implementing the mural project in Bristol School.

Updated: Apr 14, 2019

This is a practical training developing not only the delivery team but also the client of host organisation, and student representatives.

We used the TIP website to browse current good practice and selected the mural as the potential for this context.

The school site team were initially reticent to get involved as they felt the health and safety issues were too much and that any young people working at heights needed to be avoided particularly in a school with some challenging g behaviours. The leadership team had a more open mind and we used the evidence from the prior mural project on the TIP website as evidence and we were able to mitigate any of the site team fears with a positive supervision plan along with a realistic risk assessment and safety plan.

The School stakeholders were exercised more around the proposed content and sought assurances over editorial control. We were able to satisfy this with the suggestion that teams of young people would pitch ideas into the project with the concerned parties acting as a scrutiny and approval panel.

Teaching representatives at this meeting took the action to frame a programme that offered a 5 day project with the following outline timetable:

Day I Stimulus material and planning followed by presentations at the end of the day.

Day 2 Results and feedback and project co-construction followed by team roles, practical planning safety direction and purchasing.

Day 3&4 Creation

Day 5 finish clean and evaluate followed by celebration.

The project begins.

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