• Mark Curtis

Be the Camera, Ariadne, Hungary

Submission by: Gyöngyvér Orsovszky

Organisation: Ariadne Cultural Foundation

Title: Photographer and the camera

Type: intervention

Focus: Engagement, collaboration, attention span, non-verbal communication

Duration: 1 hour

This exercise is to develop the visual  memory in playful manner. Two people are needed for the exercise where one person is blindfolded and follows the instructions of  the other person. The exercise consists of a memory part of a picture and then the drawing of the memorized content.

This exercise is very popular among children. It's called the phothograper and his camera. The blindfolded person is the camera taken by the other participant(phothograper) in front of a picture. The blindfold is taken off for a few seconds then is being put back. The next stage is to take the blindfolded person to a table where he or she needs to draw whatever remained in the memory of the picture. After this the whole process is being repeated with a different picture or view but this time the time limit of gazing is prelonged to a full minute.

It is interesting by doing this exercise realising how our visual memory works. When our mind is being trained  doing this exercise people experience more capacity of memorizing overall details. Also interesting how the rolls are being chosen among children. This exercise also develops the trust beetween each other.

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