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AE2O – Associação para a Educação de Segunda Oportunidade

(Escola de Segunda Oportunidade de Matosinhos)

Website: www.segundaoportunidade.com

Email: geral@segundaoportunidade.com

AE2O is a non profit, non governmental organization, whose aim is to promote second chance education, working especially with vulnerable young people with low qualifications, unemployed and at risk of social exclusion. Its main activity is to run Escola de Segunda Oportunidade de Matosinhos, a pilot project that started in 2008, the only second chance school in the country, member of the European network of second chance schools (E2C-Europe).


Matosinhos Second Chance School targets 15 to 25 year olds who have left school without finishing their basic education due to social and emotional difficulties that impeded their continuing engagement in formal learning. For 10 years now, works in a very alternative way, offering young dropouts a new experience of training, following an holistic pedagogical approach. The students develop their own Individual Training Plans, combining vocational, artistic, school and personal and social skills. The school offers a positive environment and an arts based curriculum which attracts the attendance and encourages the learning of these young people.


AE2O is actively working to establish in Portugal a national policy to reduce early leaving. At the same time, is encouraging all over the country local initiatives and dynamizing a national network of institutions and initiatives of second chance education, E2O Portugal.


AE2O is an accredited training provider, certified by national agency DGERT. For many years AE2O has been organising and participating in many international projects (youth exchanges and events, seminars, training courses, networking activities) offering young people, staff and other adults opportunities for personal, professional and social development. 

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Fondazione Istituto Morcelliano - Youmore Morcelli Giovani


Website - www.youmore.org
Email - istitutomorcelliano@gmail.com


Foundation Istituto Morcelliano was established in 2001, though its origins are to be established in 1817. The activities of the Foundation are carried out in Oglio Nord-Western Commune of  Province of Brescia, composed by 11 Commune, in total of 94.441 inhabitants. 

As a non-profit organization, our mission is to educate, help and support individuals, groups and the whole society, promoting initiatives in the sector of training/development of minors and youngsters with particular attention to individuals with social and material problems. 

One particular aim of ''Istituto Morcelliano'' is to organize events and researches, training and meetings, become a trustable center for  Youth. We aim to improve the daily life of any youngster of our town involving him/her into the social, economic and cultural life of Europe.

In January 2015 Istituto Morcelliano has become qualified as a Local Agency of Eurodesk Italy. In this case, our Foundation becomes a trustworthy partner in Italy in implementation of mobility, education, training objectives for young generations throughout enormous projects realized with the support of European Commission and Italian National Agency for Youth.


Eurodesk Italy is a nonprofit association created as a support organization to the Erasmus+ programme (2014-2020). Here are the most comprehensive and most accessible sources of free youth information about learning mobility opportunities. Gaining membership in the Italian network of Eurodesk means that our foundation can benefit from continuously updated information about EU projects.

In July 2015 we have become EVS Receiving, Sending and Coordinating Organization. Thus we eager to bring new values and skills into our reality, and give the chance to our local youngsters share their common skills overseas. 


The purpose of being accredited into Erasmus Plus projects are: 

-bring more awareness and knowledge about European projects and EU values to the local Community;

-promotion of EVS among national youngsters;

-widen understanding of non-formal, formal and informal education system;

-organize events for local Community (such as this youth exchange);

-increase opportunities for professional, social and cultural development of young people of our society;

-European education;

-increase motivation and willingness of participation of representatives of our country to EU projects;

-to promote active citizenship.


The foundation is designed to support voluntary work at local and international level, by promoting social projects based on co-operation, solidarity and peace education.











Foundation Istituto Morcelliano have been working in partnership with .F.P. G. ZANARDELLI 

a V.E.T. center composed of nine branches. The school offers a range of vocational courses to obtain after 3 years the operator qualification (3rd LEVEL EQF) as employe, specialist areas include:


  • mechanical tools 

  • cook

  • tailor

  • bartender

  • electrician

  • plumber

  • beautician

  • waiter

  • hairdresser



After that, they can attend the 4th year to become a technician (4th LEVEL EQF) certified by a vocational diploma. It is possible to obtain a qualification and a diploma or apprenticeship.


C.F.P. G. ZANARDELLI organizes courses for adults also.

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Phoenix Social Enterprise (PSE) Bristol UK

Website - www.psebristol.com
Email - info@phoenixsocialenterprise.com

Phoenix Social Enterprise (PSE) is a charity and company limited by guarantee. The organisation evolved from The Black Development Agency (BDA), established in 1991 as a Specialist Council of Voluntary Services (CVS) to empower minority ethnic and other disadvantaged groups and communities by building up their skills, ability and capacity. PSE tackles social exclusion through its employment, education, training and capacity building activities. 



Our vision is to:  

Transcend borders, connect people with places whilst working locally and globally to provide innovative practices in employment, education and training opportunities that connect people to industries, growth and prosperity.



Our mission is to:

  • Stimulate progress in vocational training, lifelong education and entrepreneurship development;

  • Strengthen sustainable development and solidarity at a locally global level;

  • Develop networks and links at local, national and international levels and to;

Sustain international cooperation

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ESMAE-IPP (Escola Superior de Música e Artes do Espetáculo do Politécnico do Porto | Superior School of Music and Performing Arts, Porto Polytechnic)

Website - www.esmae.ipp.pt
Email - istitutomorcelliano@gmail.com

Porto’s Superior School of Music and Performing Arts (ESMAE), belonging to the Porto’s Polytechnic Institute (IPP) emerged (1994), after the extinction of the Superior School of Music, with intention to widen its offer of graduation courses to other artistic areas beyond music.


Nowadays, ESMAE encloses two departments: Music department, where it offers degrees in the most various areas, such as instrument, singing, composition, early music, jazz, production and music technologies; Theatre department, that is responsible for the education in branches such as: acting, stage management, scenography, costumes design, light and sound design. ESMAE gives a particular importance to the performances of its pupils, since this is an essential complement to achieve their courses objectives. These performances have as principal aim the promotion of a strong and permanent contact between the young artists and its future public.


Furthermore, ESMAE has developed many partnerships which allow students to show their work off campus through concerts and performances in Casa da Música, Serralves, Coliseu do Porto, among others. ESMAE has, currently, nearly 700 students and 140 teachers.

ESMAE organizes several prestigious performance events such as HARMOS festival (international chamber music festival) and SET (Week of Theatre Schools); has got more than 100 cooperation agreements with international institutions and has been taking part in European projects since 2003 such as Variazioni project (EC e-content plus), E-CLAP (ICT-PSP), several ERASMUS Intensive Programs (SACS, IICS, Phoenix, La follia), EUROCLASSICAL (Culture 07-13), NEU/NOW (Culture 07-13), Meeting Place (ERASMUS+ KA2) and TIP (ERASMUS+ KA2).


ESMAE produces more than 250 musical events per season.

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The National Academy for Theater and Film Arts (NATFA) “Krastyo Sarafov” 

Website - http://en.natfiz.bg/natfiz/
Email - natfiz.foreign.dep@gmail.com

NATFA is Bulgaria’s leading tertiary school and one of the top training European institutions in the fields of Stage and Screen Arts. It was founded in 1948 and remains the only state funded educational institution for theatre and film arts in the country. Every year NATFA admits approximately 160 students. At the moment about 600 students are taking part in learning programmes at NATFA at BA level as well as at MA and PhD research degree levels. The process of applying theory to professional practice is essential to NATFA’ educational philosophy. The graduates of NATFA acquire a wide range of creative, critical, performing and production skills. According to Bulgaria’s 2015rating of the Higher Education Institutions in Bulgaria, 93% of NATFA’s graduates build rewarding careers in Bulgaria and abroad. In 2013 NATFA completed successfully its Institutional and Programme Accreditation and was given top marks by the National Agency for Accreditation and Evaluation of Bulgaria. In the same year NATFA got very positive results from the Institutional Review, carried out by an international Evaluation Team (European Quality Assurance Exercise). 


The Academy aspires to provide a first-rate professional and academic education to each of its students, to foster their creativity and to broaden their cultural horizons. The academic staff (90 full-time professors and nearly 100 guest tutors) consists of distinguished practising artists, critics, researchers and educators in the field of Stage and Screen Arts, with a deep commitment to their work. These numbers highlight the fact that this is an open institution, seeking to provide to its learners the best and leading practices from the professional field. Internationally recognised professionals are Doctors Honoris Causa of NATFA such as David Lynch; Carlos Saura, Eduard Albee; Tadashi Suzuki; Kristin Linklater and many others. NATFA’s campus is famous for its Drama (440 seat) and Puppet (80 seats) Training Theatres, a fully digitized Audio-visual Complex with Film and Video Screening Hall (60 seats), Training Cinema Studio, Digital Multimedia Centre, a Photo-lab and a Sound Stage Studio,  studios for Stage and Screen Design, and a lot of modern auditoriums.


International cooperation has always been among the top priorities of NATFA at all levels of academic and artistic exchange. The Drama Training Theatre and the Puppet Training Theatre of NATFA have had successful guest performances all over the world and have won over 180 awards at international festivals in Bratislava, Moscow, Nantes, Skopje, Charlevilles-Mesiers, Oslo, Warsaw, Amsterdam, London, Prague, Belgrade, Sinaia, Erlangen, Beijing and others. NATFA traditionally participates in more than 40 important international professional and student film/V festivals among which: Munich, Oberhausen, Berlin, Mexico, Poitiers, Clairmont-Ferrand, Tel Aviv, Angers, San Francisco, Kiev, Potsdam, Karlovy Vary, Lodz, Amsterdam, Hiroshima, Moscow, Cannes,Cracow, Annecy, Los Angeles, New York and others. NATFA has had two nominees for the Student Oscar Awards and its students won over 300 awards. 


The outstanding achievements of our graduates are recognized through yearly participation in numerous national and international students and professional festivals, workshops, seminars, congresses, conferences and symposia. Since 1982 NATFA is a full member of global network of film academies CILECT (Centre Interantional de Liason des Ecoles de Cinema et de Television). Since 1990 it is a full member of The European League of Institutes of Arts (ELIA) and the International Theatre Institute (ITI). It has established long-term contacts with universities and art academies all over the world. NATFA is active partner in projects developed through ERASMUS, TEMPUS and other European educational programs. 


Two MA programmes are currently attracting more and more professionals for the cultural sector in Bulgaria and in Europe: Master of Arts in Stage Arts Management; Master of Arts in Screen Arts Management. Within these programmes, -based training on producing for stage and screen as well as disciplines like ‘Economics of Culture’, ‘Cultural Policy’, ‘Arts Management’ and ‘Innovation and Cultural Entrepreneurship’ take place. Additionally, since 2013, NATFA hosts two intensive training workshops: „International entrepreneurship and strategic management in stage arts” and ‘Network entrepreneurship and Social Networks in Culture’


The Ariadne Cultural Foundation 2461 Tárnok, Dózsa György st. 9., Hungary

Website - www.ariadne-foundation.org
Email - ariadne.foundation.org

The Ariadne Cultural Foundation was established in 1993 by some private people, who were very sensitive to the educational problems of Roma and other socially endangered children, youngsters. 

Since 1994, Ariadne has been building its network and maintains a strong relation with both its clients and target groups. Through our area experience, we are permanently building and developing our social presence that provide the continuous work not only in Hungary, but also in the European area.

After 1998, the Foundation started to focus on new methodologies like art therapy and sociotherapy to prepare people for a life void of labelling, where they can attain personal fullness, and where individual and communal cultural diversity is respected within society. Further aim of our sociotherapy is to overwrite old patterns of “learned inability” and to develop self-identity and personal competence.

The last period  the Foundation  built a very large network with Roma community, working with parents and students as well.

Our mission is to create a multicultural and tolerant society that is able to integrate the values of the different cultures on both personal and social platforms. We foster any social structure that enhance the equal opportunities in the personal life and the social communities. We support democratic participation and social dialogue.

We have very close cooperation with Kontiki Ltd, who is the sustainer Tanext Academy Vocational School, and the last four years we organized an Inclusion Program, a special Mentor Program, and Art Program managing by art-therapists. International cooperation has always been among our top priorities. We are actively paticipating in different international Erasmus+ projects as f.e. IYouth, Open the Doors, CHRIS, TIP – Transferring Innovative Practices in Second Chance Schools. 

We are addressing in the first place the social inclusion horizontal priority, promoting, in particular through innovative integrated approaches, inclusion, diversity, equality and non-discrimination, fostering the development of social, civic, intercultural competences, combating discrimination, segregation, racism, bullying, violence and enhancing the access, participation and learning performance of disadvantaged learners.

We have horizontal priorities such as:

  • The achievement of relevant and high quality skills and competences, supporting individuals in acquiring and developing key competences in order to foster employability, social-educational and professional development. 

  • The promotion of open and innovative practices, methods and pedagogies, developing learning materials and tools. 

  • The professional development of educators and youth workers, especially in dealing with early school leaving (ESL), learners with disadvantaged backgrounds, diversity in classrooms and other contexts and work-based learning.

 Our two school education priorities:

  • Supporting schools to tackle ESL and disadvantage young people, offering successful quality education for all students, promoting collaborative, holistic and therapeutic approaches to teaching and learning. 

  • Strengthening the profile(s) of the teaching professions, supporting teachers in dealing with diversity in the classroom adopting collaborative and innovative practices.

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Specialist Associate Partners


boomsatsuma education and Community Interest Company, Bristol UK

Website - www.boomsatsuma.com
Email - hello@boomsatsuma.com

boomsatsuma is an organisation set up to fuel the next creative generation.

Over the last 5 years we have gained a reputation as one of the most innovative training providers in the South West.

boomsatsuma was created in 2011 to deliver the highest quality arts and creative opportunities for children and young people in the West of England.


Since then we have delivered projects to over 2000 children and young people and have raised investment from funders including Arts Council England, Children in Need, Quartet Community Foundation, Youth Music, and the Creative Employment Programme.

We are now one of the most innovative post-16 education providers in the South West. From September 2018, we will have over 300 students across more than ten centres, offering courses in: Media Production, Games VR and VFX, Stage and Screen Production Arts Dance and Professional Acting diplomas.


With creativity at the heart of everything we do, we try to offer our students access to creative workplaces that will inspire them and drive them forward. For this reason, we offer media courses at exciting venues such Engine Shed Hiigh tech Business incubator, Bottle Yard TV & film studios, Ashton Gate sports Stadium with Bristol City, and the Curzon Cinema in Clevedon. Our unique professional acting course is taught at The Station in Bristol city centre and Pegasus Theatre in Oxford. As a result of this, our students develop their learning in some of the most dynamic working environments.

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Other Associate Partners

E2C Europe

The European Association of Cities, Institutions and Second Chance Schools is an international network organisation in the field of teaching or enabling young people with lack of skills or qualifications to successfully gain access to education programmes or to the labour market.

Website - www.e2c-europe.org
email - ECC

E2C Europe

The European Association of Cities, Institutions and Second Chance Schools is an international network organisation in the field of teaching or enabling young people with lack of skills or qualifications to successfully gain access to education programmes or to the labour market.

Website - www.e2c-europe.org
email - ECC

Theatre Tsvete, Bulgaria 

Theatre Tsvete is a non government organization of professional actors, directors, psychologists and volunteers. They use interactive theater techniques which are innovative for Bulgaria to helpchildren and young people, regardless of their background and abilities, to know and accept themselves and the others; to stimulate their personal development, and encourage their positive involvement in public life.

Website www.theatretsvete.eu

e-mail: theatre_tsvete@abv.bg

Theatre Tsvete, Bulgaria 

Theatre Tsvete is a non government organization of professional actors, directors, psychologists and volunteers. They use interactive theater techniques which are innovative for Bulgaria to helpchildren and young people, regardless of their background and abilities, to know and accept themselves and the others; to stimulate their personal development, and encourage their positive involvement in public life.

Website www.theatretsvete.eu

e-mail: theatre_tsvete@abv.bg

Cabot Learning Federation, Bristol, UK 

In 2019 the CLF will have existed for 10 years as a Multi-Academy Trust (MAT). In the course of that time our federation has developed from a small Bristol-based secondary education partnership to an instinctively collaborative ambitious organisation of over 20 entities, serving the educational needs of 9,000 children and young people aged 3 to 19. 

Website - www.clf.uk

e-mail:  info@clf1.clf-vps-001.clf.uk