Collaborative Mural


Mark Curtis


Studio Mural
This was a collaborative project designed to engage the students at a second chance school in Bristol.
4 initial students were selected as a focus group for the project these were the students figures in Black below and were the first to be produced. The attached timelapse film shows the the technique employed but also the engagement of the students.

The outcome was to engage the whole school of 37, and because the students had a personal investment in the
project there was an improved sense of ownership and developing paid in the facility.

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Thu Oct 11 2018 15:48:25 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
Addressing Focus:
1 week


The project ran for 5 days with a two person team.

Day 1:
Digitalise images
Design layout for approval

Day 2 to 4:
images to trace using a data project
Paint (using vinal matt emultion and brushes

Day 5:
Clean and celebrate


Studio Mural feedback from Studio Manager

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for the work you have done with our students. You encouraged them to take responsibility and ownership of the building making it a much more personalised environment. As you know our students have found it very difficult to engage in mainstream education and the courses you have supplied have been incredibly valuable to them.
As the week progressed it was clear to see a vast improvement in their confidence, self-esteem and social skills. It was also very interesting to find out that some students’ aims and goals for the future have now changed due to their experiences last week. Some have decided to follow new and exciting career paths that they might not have considered before. The fact that they have been inspired to try something different is great.
The students talked to me about their experience with you and told me that they thoroughly enjoyed the week. They talked with great passion about how proud they were of themselves, each other and of what they had created.
The Studio has continued to grow along with the number of students attending, who can be disengaged or are at risk of becoming involved in anti-social behaviour or crime. They will really benefit from your project and the support and skills that it can offer.
I look forward to working with you and your project again in the near future if possible. I would also like to pass on thanks from all of our students who participated last week, and the staff at The Studio who have been able to see the impact they have had on our students.

Much appreciated
Geraint Jones
CLF Studio Manager


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