The line(s) of (my) life


Alexandra Matos


The “life line” is a group dynamic (ideally no more than 10 elements), of focus and introspection, which allows the awareness of the most significant moments of life: participants are invited to reflect on their life history, from the moment of birth to the present moment and to represent them graphically - through a drawing, by words, through a cropped image of a magazine - in an artistic and creative way. In the end, there is a space of sharing and analysis of the work created.
This is a self-revelation activity, which allows for self-enhancement and hetero-knowledge.

Second Chance School of Matosinhos
Tue Apr 09 2019 15:31:46 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
Addressing Focus:
1 hour


1- Place a large piece of scenery paper (if possible cut out in a circle), on the floor or on a table, so that participants can stand around the paper with space to draw comfortably. In the center should be marked the date of the day the dynamics is performed or some symbolic object (for example, a candle) that refers to the present, to the "here and now";
2- Participants should have at their disposal various painting and drawing materials - markers, pencils, pens, paints, as well as magazines, newspapers, scissors and glue that they can use freely and creatively. Ambient music will help focus and insight;
3- It is given the indication that each one must draw the line of his life, from the date he was born until the present moment, marking the most important moments, in the way that makes the most sense for each one;
4- After everyone has finished drawing the line of their life, the participants are invited to circle around the stage role, observing closely their colleagues;
5- In the end, each element has the possibility of sharing, on the one hand, what it created and, on the other, what it observed from the colleagues.


We use this kind of activity, not only with the students, but also with the teachers and staff of our school. We believe that when we Know ourselves better, we are more able to know and understand others better too.
This activity can also be performed in individual work with young people, with an A4 or A3 sheet. Here, it is possible to explore in more detail the most significant events, what might have been different, the role of the youngsters in the course of events, etc.
Another variant may be the "line of the future", where we can explore dreams, fears, expectations ...


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